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Overcome Artist Block, Expert Tips from Allan Storer Art

Talking about artist block

It does​ happen from Picasso to Beethoven that crucifying feeling of self doubt when the creative flow drys up and demotivation sets in. It is commonly called artist block and in some cases it can last for months.

How to resolve it?

Try stepping away from your painting and doing something else for ten minutes. Take a walk, read a book or if you are really desperate try a "spin session" in the gym as I have done more than once..

Most of us experience Artist block now and then and sometimes I just have to take a break, minutes or even for a week or longer from one particular piece of work. Even six months !  ​What is certain is that I need that bit of inspiration, motivation. I am lucky in that a walk on St. Ives Porthmeor beach, listening and watching the crash of the waves usually does the trick.

Think about what you are good at, your strengths. Shake off your demotivation with happy memories and activities, and people you love.  

​Dare I say it ?  Get Off Social Media​!!! Social media can be both inspiring and ​claustrophobic. Comparing yourself to someone else in any field can be disillusioning and deflect from the real you and your own originality. 

​Look after your health and mental wellbeing. Change your routine every now and then. A change of environment ​and a healthy diet​, and cut​ting down on booze​ can be energizing​.  Alcohol and drugs are not the real you. They are mind altering and you are kidding yourself if you believe they are you.

​Another tip is to time your working day. Give yourself a one/two hour time slot to work in. A focused mind is very productive especially if there is a reward at the end of it. You'll soon find youve got into the flow and will not want to stop!

​ Remember tomorrow is another day, "the first day of the rest of your life" and overcome artist block will give way to newer challenges.

Allan Storer MA BA PGCE

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