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London Painting Class with Allan Storer

On Day Three in my London painting class our artists are learning there are no mistakes on the canvas. When we mess up, we know what not to do again. Learning all the time. If it doesn’t work, do not repeat. (Can someone tell world leaders please) We learn by our mistakes and there are no mistakes in learning and that should make us all feel better. A painting rarely turns out the way an artist envisages. No matter how hard the planning, how long or good they are at it! Changes in light, palette limitations, even a shaky hand or bad hair day will affect that final masterpiece … …and there is always the happy accident the artist chooses to leave in and take advantage of. Frustrated, disappointed ? You have to take it on the chin, square up and soldier on ! To be fair I am not a military man so I would possibly fall back on some philosophical, spiritual resource. “ It’s all character building” Training us to take life in our stride, remembering that life is what happens whilst we are living it. This is it, there is no rehearsal, accept and live in the now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. No regrets!

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