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London Painting Classes

Updated: Jan 29

Life is very stressful and fast, especially here in our capital city London.

With very little time for ourselves life passes us by before we realise it.

Its more than daubing a few brush marks on a canvas or a a pretty picture, it can be a psychological journey and like Leonora Carrington in her painting "The Inn of a Dawn Horse" it can say a lot about what you really, really want?

Do you want to

sit on the fence all your life?

walk in the centre lane and get knocked down in both directions ?


Like Leonora Carrington

Find and Be the Real You?

One of my London painting classes, can be a gym session for your creative vibes, stimulating your intellectual prowess and sense of self and this is just a beginning !

Painting stimulates both the right and left sides of the brain. On the left we have the rational, logical challenges – like structure and composition and on the left, creative challenges of visualisation and aesthetics.

It is an “all brainer” says artist Allan Storer, mastering new techniques and skills challenging boredom and depression; triggering all that lovely dopamine activity in your brain and you may be dancing all the way out from the art studio and with a pretty picture under your arm..

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