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JD Wetherspoons, The Hain Line, St Ives Opening 1st. May 2012

Updated: Jan 24

Allan Storer’s impressive painting “Thunderous Sea” Impacts First Floor Restaurant Space.

Charles Aston. Press Release. Opening 1st. May 2012 JD Wetherspoons, The Hain Line, St. Ives. Artist Allan Storer

Somewhere in the Atlantic a Storm is breaking.... just off Cornwall's Lands End.

"Thunderous Sea" measuring 140cmx140cmis one of Allan Storer's larger works. Its monumental size, gives the observer an impression they are standing not just beside but below the turbulent wave, especially as the wave reaches to the frames borders. The blues and greens of the sea pounding on the lower rocks.

Whilst many of the works of St. Ives painters depict the beaches, Storer's painting is restricted to the sea itself and the battling elemental force of its sheer mountainous volume.

Allan Storer is known for using a palette knife technique. The heavy impasto oil paint often used to give a textural quality to a rocky outcrop breaking through impacting sea wave. Here in its First Floor Restaurant Space, Allan Storer's palette knife technique imposes a Thunderous Sea with a magisterial presence to imply energy and depth, a sense of rapidity and urgency.

One can imagine the small fleet of sailing ships of The Hain Line, St. Ives' very own shipping company established in the 1850s by Captain Edward Hain, sailing high on such seas and adversities as they circled the globe engaged in trade and commerce.

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