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Interview: Required Viewing, Allan Storer; Squeegees and Abstracts

Storer attacks the colour’s space dragging the colour this way and that. At first it looks like an amateurish mess, then he transforms it with his large squeegee, scraping complicating spaces and forms.

He steps back, saying he needs to make it better whilst retaining the painting’s spontaneity. It looks good but Storer says,

“It won’t hold up, may be a day or two then I’ll see”

The squeegee is large enough to cover the width of the canvas and Storer drags it down across the entire length. This next squeegee is shorter, and so is the next, the palette knife almost insignificant. The painting shifts back and forth between finished and unfinished. He says it is finished. The textured surface, containing multiple colours is dominated by one colour.

Storer loads his squeegee saying the dominant colour spoils the painting and off he goes again!

Eventually, we see the completed painting at a gallery, then he will admit it is finished, or will he? These paintings are required viewing.

Charles Aston


Allan Storer MA. BA. PGCE

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