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Artist Interview with Allan Storer; Wimbledon Art Fair

Updated: Jan 24

Hi Allan, so tell us about your inspiration?

My prime motivation is Abstract Expressionism; 20th.C. Modernists Rothko and Neumann are important, but also the brilliant Squeegee's of Gerhard Richter and the heavy impasto work of Sir Kyffin William; so possibly Contemporary is more appropriate.

What are your career highlights so far?

I have devoted seven years in the academic study of the theory and practice of art, its psychology, therapeutic and practical application.

Every satisfied client is a career highlight and one that immediately springs to mind is the largest work I have painted being 24ft. in height for a McAlpine Show Apartment in their Cheyn Terrace Luxury Apartment Development in Chelsea; the paintings base initially viewed from the apartment's entrance hall reaching through the first floor level to the second floor landing.

Where might we have seen you and your work before?

I have enjoyed popular media coverage with features and interviews on both BBC and HTV.

As well as media coverage in several newspapers and magazines, information regarding my style and practice has been sought by art students for their educational dissertations. In this context I give talks on Surrealism and also run oil painting courses.

Any celebrity or well-known gallery buyers? (That you can mention)

I have met many exciting and interesting people amongst my client base which includes one or two Hollywood celebrities, a UAE Royal family, and international personalities in the music and arts industries, not forgetting a senior Government politician.

I have exhibited in museums and art galleries in the public sector too with one painting in the permanent collection of the RFU.

In 2014 I supplied several paintings for the Grand Prix apartments in Monaco whilst exhibiting with Italian Designer Furnishings Company Minotti in their nightsbridg Showrooms. I am able to supply more information re my outlets on request.

So tell me what you enjoy about Wimbledon Art Studios?

The one great advantage Is a stimulating environment of creatives, from mixed backgrounds and varied life experiences.

And what can we look forward to in the future?

More work for new clients, Interior Designers and Galleries looking for quality and reliability and also more teaching and talks.

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