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Oil painter, tutor, academic and lecturer in Surrealism, Allan Storer paints rich abstract impasto oil paintings in St.Ives, Cornwall, Wales and London UK, where he also teaches in his London oil painting classes to beginners and refreshers.

Creating his highly impasto St. Ives paintings and abstract art Allan energetically applies oil paint to the canvas surface, creating opportunities for chance outcomes, his mixture of thick impasto oil forms a unique realism, creating an emotional connection with the viewer; neither copying nor imitating advocating the artists's adage of  “truth to material.”
Allan's palette knife and squeegee style of painting demands a great physical energy. Working very fast and making instinctive changes in direction, by dragging multi layers of buttery wet oil paint across the canvas surface, Allan obliterates and distorts successive layers of previously applied paint, giving him the opportunity to loosen up and find opportunity in a series of chance outcomes and ‘happy accidents,’ 

Enquiries re. commissions are welcome
Teaching in his London oil painting classes, Allan's classes range from a clear and comprehensive introduction to ​the basics of oil painting to more advanced​ practice with returning students.
​Art Classes are open to beginners and more experienced students who want to refresh and refine their skills and students who wish to use a class to add to their own art portfolios for college entrance or similar.

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