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  • How can I attend both parts on Sundays art class?
    If you wish to attend PART TWO on the same Sunday please HIGHLIGHT BOTH OPTIONS AND BOOK PART ONE AND TWO in the Booking Options Page. Alternatively you can book PART TWO on another Sunday. Not only but also on completion of Part One you can book a 'Drop In" class and enjoy the "Painting Club" atmosphere whenever you want to come along.
  • Can I attend part one without attending part two?
    If you have completed PART ONE , Yes! You can come book PART TWO as a Drop In Class and attend as many and as often as you like and always get support with your progress to paint a picture. Just click PART TWO on the Booking Options.
  • Why is it important to complete part one first?
    Part One is critical to understanding the basics. If you leap in and begin to paint without knowledge re. the basics not only will it prove to be a very expensive waste of your time; it will also be time consuming and frustrating for you and you may always be pushing around muddy unplanned paintings.
Purchase a Gift Card to share the experience of an art class or personal tuition with a loved one.

Get going in the right direction with professional tuition from practicing artist Allan Storer in London locations at Wimbledon, Twickenham and Kingston Upon Thames, all materials supplied except canvas and overalls.

  • Weekdays, Saturday and Evenings @ Twickenham Studio

  • Sunday, Cass Art, Clarence Street, Kingston

  • Personal Tuition

What to expect in your first class

We will begin with colour! (Allan will supply paper for this exercise).

Get familiar with the colour wheel and how to mix all those wonderful and varied colours ensures you start in the right direction helping you identify what colour to put where.

Allan will cover primary, secondary, tertiary and greyscale. You will then become familiar with the application and feel of oil paint along with a few tips on colour tone and value. Then put your knowledge to test and paint a small painting on your canvas from a selected image/still life we supply. (You’re welcome to bring your own).

If you have been to a previous art class then Allan will develop your artistic style and creative flair even more, looking at composition and perspective too, if necessary. Your style may be abstract, expressionist, naive or anything else. Allan's broad experience enables him to adapt his teaching style to your individual needs.

Allan’s goal is to help you develop confidence with your creativity and assurance in technique.

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