PRINT VERSION OF THE paintings held by the Art House Gallery, St. Ives.

St Ives , former fishing harbour turned artists colony was literally the art for my home, rubbing shoulders with artists Hyman Segal, Roy Ray, Terry Frost and many more I also discovered Alfred Wallis questioning all my previous concepts of, "What is Art," and the whole concept of Cornwall Art. Setting up my easel and canvas on its street corners or beaches and my work on St. Ives Paintings metamorphosed St Ives into a painters paradise.  It started off surfing Porthmeors high waves, to selling paintings on the harbour front to representation in a local gallery. 

Romance, surfing beaches, gigantic seas, clarity of light and soft climate is my muse as with countless other artists. Across the Bristol channel and I am in Dylan Thomas' idyll, the Gower beaches and more painting resulting in more paintings and Mumbles Langland and Three Cliffs Bay Prints