Oil Painting 101

Do you want to learn to paint in oils or haven’t used oils for years and feel you ‘ve lost confidence using oils?

Whether you are new to oils or want to brush up you can learn and improve your oil painting technique at one our classes.

Our fun relaxed art class creates the perfect creative environment to get fresh ideas and to learn new approaches with like-minded people who love to paint.

This is the perfect push for you to reconnect your creative vibe.

What you’ll learn

(i) Introduction to colour theory,  primary, secondary, tertiary mixing and grey scale painting whilst becoming familiar with the application and feel of oil, painting.

(ii) Practise tone and colour value.

(iii) Experiment more with colour

(iv) For the more experienced artist and your developing progress we will continue to improve your personal skills, strengths and style at every lesson you attend.

(v) Form and Prospective will fall into line, there is no need to worry about your drawing skills as we focus on your creative strengths.

How to get started…

Step 1 - Choose your time and location
Classes take place
Every Tuesday and Wednesday 11:30-14:00 Wimbledon Art Studios
Selected Sundays 10:30-13:30 Cass Art Kingston

Step 2 - Book your place
Click on the button below to book your place

Step 3 - IMPORTANT Please bring along a canvas (max size 30x30cm) and painting clothes/overall.

For Wimbledon Art Studio class please tel. 07866506841 for admission upon arrival in studio yard.

Step 4 - Enjoy your class!

About me

I’m a practicing artist, lecturer and speaker in modern art and surrealism.
I’m a professional tutor experienced with OFSTED educational requirements.
My aim is for you to develop a strong sense of self confidence and the knowledge that your painting is a positive appreciation of how you want to express and present your art style. 

Allan Storer MA. Chelsea School of Art Dip. Ed. Kings College