Oil Painting Classes for beginners and experienced painters - From £25.00-

Friendly - Focused - Flexible


Chelsea School of Art. Kings College -International Artist - Tutor - Academic

        !!! GOOD NEWS !!! 

GUARANTEE “If your class doesn't reach your expectations, I will give your money back” - Allan Storer

         !!! Good News !!!

Experienced OFSTED Teaching Standards

Professional Tutor

No large up front course payment

Single sessions - learn week to week

Learning and Person Centred Tuition - No Gimmicks.

Materials supplied- (please bring a canvas max. 30cm)

 *** 1ST CLASS ***

(i) Introduction to colour theory,  primary, secondary, tertiary mixing and grey scale painting whilst becoming familiar with the application and feel of oil, painting.

(ii)  Practise tone and colour value.

(iii)   Experiment more with colour or #Have a Go# Its up to you! 


Develop your personal style (personal development and style is a key factor in an Allan Storer Workshop - “I feel self development is more important than basic copying”


(i) Get on with your own work, defining and redefining your style, picking up where you have left off, developing your skills base and style - abstract, expressionist, naive or whatever it is I will adapt my teaching to your needs whilst painting a Still Life or an Image we can supply. You may bring one yourself.

I will continue to interact and pass on tips, setting challenges and learning objectives. Form and Prospective will fall into line, there is no need to worry about your drawing skills as we focus on your creative strengths.

(ii) You may - complete a painting in the one class or be working on one or moreover several classes or at home.

 (iii) My Aim is For You  to develop a strong sense of self confidence and the knowledge that your painting is a positive appreciation of how you want to express and present your art style. 


Please bring canvas maximum size 12ins (30cm) and wear casual clothes or bring an apron to protect your clothing.














Twickenham - Kingston Upon Thames -  Wimbledon

Sunday's in Kingston - A lovely large group with plenty of energy. Classes taking place in Kingston run for 3 hours (to accommodate a larger number of attendees).

 Weekday Studio Wimbledon - Smaller and more intimate,  maximum number of four - almost personal tuition for attendees.


Are you looking for a speaker ? Art Groups etc ?

Allan is a lecturer/Speaker on Surrealism.

Specialism - artist Leonora Carrington

please email if you want to book a speaker


(i) Picasso said, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child.”

- its true!---The artist has to go beyond the technical aspects of art and free their imagination to paint beautiful and exciting paintings with a purpose. Van Gogh like many others did.

(ii) There are no mistakes in painting ---

(ii) Perfection is an obsolete term.

We all have different ways of seeing and deserve to be equally valued "  Creativity requires PMA   positive mental attitude

- new ideas, and an ability to resolve problems and challenge the "norm" with a willingness to go in the opposite direction of standardisation-prescriptive and structured goal orientated tasks, necessary on the production line are the antipathy to creativity.

  without rebels, there would be no progress. 

 All artists know immitation is a formulaic procedure at the expense of originality and what is going on inside us.

Words of Comfort  All the Greats,   particularily 20th.Century Modernists, such as Cezanne, Picasso, Monet, Matisse Van Gogh and so on, have followed their own direction,  all at some time or other banned from academic Institutions, their work denegrated as offensive or pure rubbish. Monet and Van Gogh are prime examples. Surrealist Marcel Duchamp's positon was,  "I created it and I say it is Art, --- so it is Art " 

Advice for learners.

"With a sound knowledge of the basics there are no mysteries and no mistakes. Painting is a progressive learning curve - every problem just part of the pathway to self development and your own style." Allan Storer