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Hi, I am a Student of Surrealism and the artistic principle of creativity.

My working practice painting abstracts aligned with a professional background in psychotherapy and education encourages me to take a versatile approach to painting. Serious, sometimes quirky!

Squeegee Paintings Large and small scale canvases. These works are swathes of integrated colour and texture, energetically applied to canvas in a rigorous style, “truth to material”.

Colourfields Combinations of glazes, shimmering colour and contemplative, their subject matter is purely colour and its impact on your senses, “colour for the sake of colour”.

We all have different yet valid ways of seeing - Picasso said. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up" ————

—— most of the time life gets bogged down with daily clutter and monkey chatter. I’m in rebellion and along with the serious stuff for art consultants and galleries I like to paint humour and happiness -“quirky”.

If you like what you see please follow me on instagram --- it's at the bottom of this page. By the way I also teach painting in my workshops, please see the menu bar if you want to give oils a go!.

Thank you for reading,  AL. 

Storer’s paintings are fluent, dynamic and exciting, resulting from a working method that is arduous, challenging and energetic.
— Charles Aston

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